Rebellion for Integrity is a photographic series inspired by the experience living in the mountains, where a slower, nature-centric lifestyle was embrace. Anna closely observed the mountains, witnessing their gradual color transformations throughout the day, each shift evoking distinct emotional responses.

This period of deceleration allowed her to immerse herself in the intricate details of her surroundings, a vital step in grasping the bigger picture. Anna’s vision led her to encapsulate the landscapes within circular frames, symbolizing an enduring and flawless unity, where nothing is superfluous or lacking.

These minimalist images resonate with a profound sense of confidence, stability, and integrity, serving as a source of solace and renewal. Anna sought refuge in these serene vistas following the  experiences stemming from the conflict in her home country of Ukraine. Physically and mentally drained, her time in the mountains became a sanctuary for self-renewal, reminding her that the force of nature transcends all geopolitical circumstances. In the face of adversity, the mountains stand as unwavering symbols of resilience and endurance.