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Anna Martynenko uses photography to explore the female role in society from a multicultural perspective. Mixing references from reality and fantasy and seeking inspiration from fairytales and mythology, she creates a new visual vocabulary that expresses the complexity of womanhood from different points of view. Through an intuitive approach, she relies on imagination and the subconscious as sources of ideas, whereas the final vision takes form after researching and experimenting with models, different locations in different environments, found objects and handmade props. Drawing inspiration from her personal experience as a Ukrainian woman living in Germany, her multicultural approach is directed towards the exploration of spatial identities without geographic borders and towards self-definition as a dialogue with otherness and as a life-long process. In her artistic research, art therapy, coaching, and mental and spiritual practices are merged together with photography aiming to inspire the audience to find harmony within themselves and the world and to embrace their uniqueness towards self-acceptance.


If you are interested in collaboration or purchasing a print, feel free to send an email.

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