Art Coaching is a method based on two contrasting views of the world  - rational and irrational. This combination helps to reveal inner resources through creativity.

During the sessions, both the right and the left hemispheres are involved. That is, art coaching is a broad and reliable bridge that connects consciousness and subconsciousness, uses creative resources to the maximum and opens the door to natural abilities.

I offer online art coaching sessions in order to help clients to:

- Get rid of limiting barriers. Each of us has great potential. However, due to various events in life, we often acquire beliefs that prevent us from using our abilities to the maximum.

- Expand the boundaries of self-motivation. On the way to the goal, there will always be obstacles. To overcome them, additional strength, calmness and understanding are needed.

- Become aware of one's current state and true goals. One way or another, over time, the goals, capabilities and values of a person change, but it is not always possible to analyze such changes and reflect on them. As for truthful and desirable goals: it is necessary to understand what exactly you want, and how to get there.

In order to book your session, send me an email.

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