Split into three phases, Persephone is an interpretation of the myth revolving around the Greek Goddess’ creation of the seasons and her fate tied to the underworld. As the Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility, the series depicts her story of passing through innocence and darkness, coming out from her experiences to create equilibrium in nature. In the first phase, Persephone is light and radiant, abundant with youthful energy. In the second phase, she grows dark when she is abducted by Hades to become queen of the underworld. Her absence on Earth forces the land into a cold and barren state. Destined to be tied to Hades for consuming a pomegranate seed grown in the underworld, the Goddess can not leave. Zeus proposes a compromise that Persephone would spend two-thirds of the year with her mother and one-third in the Underworld. The cyclical nature of her presence and absence on Earth brought the seasons into fruition; bringing beauty, light, death, decay and growth into balance.

Model: Manuela Venuto
Stylist: Viktoria Krcmarikova
Hair accessory: Morgane Carron