Frozen is  an intuitive exploration of the enduring effects of trauma stemming from the war, using water as a poignant metaphor for memory. Within this series, water, frozen in time, serves as a symbol for a past that remains stagnant in the present.

The photographic journey takes us through the juxtaposition of ice against various body parts, vividly emphasizing the energetic contrast between the human form and the rigid frozen water. As the warmth from human contact begins to exert its transformative influence, the ice gradually yields, symbolizing the thawing of emotional numbness.

Drawing inspiration from the  fairytale, “The Snow Queen,” the ice in Frozen becomes a metaphor for the emotional numbness that can be met with the warmth of human presence and the power of self-awareness. This transformation heralds a new beginning, igniting the flames of hope and love.

Frozen captures the healing process through the prism of warm color. As the ice melts, it unveils the resplendent beauty of emotions, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit as it unfreezes from the grip of trauma, ultimately embracing the promise of renewal and vitality.