Fantasy is an ongoing photography project that has been evolving since 2010. For Anna, it represents an intuitive and deeply personal creative process. Blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination, she incorporates found objects, props, locations and colors to construct an enchanting and whimsical interpretation of the world that surrounds her.

Anna’s content for these images often emerges serendipitously, drawn from interactions with others and her meandering explorations through various environments. She remains open to the subconscious associations that spontaneously arise during her creative journey, bringing these unexpected discoveries to life. In each frame, viewers encounter an element of surprise and a spontaneous burst of inspiration.

As Fantasy has continued to unfold over the years, it has become a testament to Anna’s artistic growth and evolution. This ongoing project serves as a repository of her imaginative explorations, captured in a natural state of creative flow. It is a testament to her ability to infuse magic into the ordinary and to transform everyday objects and places into extraordinary sources of wonder and inspiration.